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New generationcancellation flow.Save your customers.

With tulay, you can create your own cancellation flow pop-up and collect insights with it and use feedback for a better subscription business model.

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Save customers with tulay

No coding. No extra work. Set up a unique cancellation flow and understand customer needs through their cancellation reason.

Build your custom cancellation flow

With tulay, you can create custom cancellation flows for the service you have provided. Determine specific churn reasons that are suitable for your business and establish links between reasons and pages. Then your unique cancellation flow will be ready in minutes.

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Embed tulay pop-up widget to your site

Set up the fully customizable widget and collect insights in minutes. You can also add and remove various options to capture the maximum amount of cancellation reasons.

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Collect the insights in minutes

Build the next move with the help of statistics. The dashboard that tulay provides identifies popular insights and focus points for your business. Discover your features that need improvement thanks to statistics.

Inbox user interface

tulay free of charge until the end of the year.

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tulay is beta. You can use tulay free of charge until end of this year.

What's included

  • tulay pop-up widget.

  • Webhook integration

  • Custom cancellation flows.

  • Insights and statistics.

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About Us

We are a small team that is passionate about its work and aims for the best in everything we do.

Every product we have produced so far is the result of our passion for creativity and our desire to produce solutions for the needs we have noticed.

While working on the SaaS products we produced in the past, we realized something; We didn't have a canceling flow to help us understand why customers were unsubscribing and to collect data effectively.

We wanted to create a product that would help people collect feedback and use it in their business effectively to understand why customers churn from their services, that's why we produced tulay in 15 days!

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Frequently asked questions

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What is tulay?
tulay is a simple tool that collects cancellation insights with the customizable flow and collects feedback for a better subscription business model. With tulay, you can easily understand the reasons behind cancellations.
Why should I use it?
For a sustainable business model, the rate of users who cancel is an important metric as well as the rate of new users. tulay is a great tool to understand the insights behind cancellations and reduce cancellation rates.
How can I use it?
tulay does not require coding and it has an easy set-up. You can embed tulay pop-up widget to your site without any extra work.
Why It is free until end of this year?
This is the beta version of tulay. Enjoy the free version until the end of the year. So, what will we be doing during this period? We will be developing new features!
I have more questions.
If you have more questions about tulay, you can reach out to our and our teammates will help you!